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Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors
The unique heritage of the castles and estates preserves its values by revealing new and new evidence of self-awareness. Preserved and transferable to future generations as a potential for socio-economic growth


The challenge was not only to meet current requirements, but also those that would be in future projects, in whatever forms they would come.
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The trio "Art-iShock" is a pleasant surprise and neapsīkstošas every koncertprogrammā energy charge. The trio joined excellent mūziķes-Agnese Egliņa (piano), Elina Endzele (got) and Kung Šnē (cello), mūziķēm different composers devoted almost twenty performances. Koncertpogrammā "Art-i-Klasika" where everything around the music genre and themes, but in a modern flourish, the trio will join Lūznavas also ancient music expert Jeff Prānis kuplinot sound with the wheel, the lira.
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People's dance concert « DUNDŽIŅ ’ AUTOMATICALLY ’ DAŅČ ’ »
24 February 19.00 Dundagas Palace
Sadancos dance groups from Riga to Tukums, Valdgales Kandavas Dundagas,,.
Gaidīsim- entrance free.
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Children play « How to become a hero! »
26 February Dundagas Palace at 10.00 < br / > The creative association Theater and THE EU offers: < br / > Funny show children and parents « HOW TO BECOME AN?! » < br / >   < br / > James : sirdsmīļā Monica TV series of the show and swap < br / > the director Armand Ekštets < br / >   < br / > Performance length: < br / > 1 h Genre: funny comedy for children and parents < br / > Language: Latvian < br / > Performance Goals audience: pre-school and primary school age children and their parents < br / >   < br / > Performance description: < br / > Three rabbits are sick of fear and tremble like poplar leaves. They have decided to become heroes. But – which is a hero? And – or easily become one? You'll know when to show children and parents – HOW TO BECOME AN < br / >?!   < br / > price €2,00 Tickets < br / >   < br / > detailed information on the theater : theatre and THE EU'S Facebook page!                   < br / > Contact: < a href = "mailto:" > < br / >  
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2015.06.30 date events
Latvija LV

30.11.-0001 - 29.09.2017
Association members Zemgali ride through the exchange of experience (Machine Translation)
Latvija LV

Association members Zemgali ride through the exchange of experience (Machine Translation)

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