The share of tourism
The share of tourism

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The association of Latvian Castles and Manors
The unique heritage of the castles and estates preserves its values by revealing new and new evidence of self-awareness. Preserved and transferable to future generations as a potential for socio-economic growth


The challenge was not only to meet current requirements, but also those that would be in future projects, in whatever forms they would come.
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The Vadakste (Machine Translation)
Vadakste palace closed to visitors (BEFORE visit please call to arrange a visit)

23.06.2017 - 24.06.2017
14.07.2017 - 17.07.2017
24.07.2017 - 30.07.2017 (Machine Translation)
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Apceļosim Latvian castles and manors 2017 (Machine Translation)
18. -20 August Jērcēnmuižā       will guide you from 10.00 p.m. -17.00
.pattern of visits you   ​ travellers would be   library card (Machine Translation)
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July 29 feast in the palace of the Cesis
We urge you to travel and participate in a medieval feast Cesu castle. The people you meet viesmīlīgie to enable have funny and addictive medieval games that will allow for their courage, skill and luck. After that, you will be invited to the banquet table to enjoy the medieval feast with roasts, vircotām sauces and specially prepared fish. While the cook prepared you will taste rich and filling meal, which will be supplemented by the frothy beer cups will take care of your well-being at the medieval castle servants and musician. The special will air during the Livonian time music, but the servants would give most beautiful medieval dance steps. In the evening guests will be invited to go for a walk in the candlelit medieval castle, palace maid. Everyone will be able to see the tower from the West for more than 800 years old city – Cēsīm < br / >. 29 July at 19:00 Cesu castle   (meeting place Palace Square). < br / > Duration of scheme – approx. 3 h < br / > The price – EUR 25.00 from persons (price includes food and beverages medieval feast, entrance fees medieval castle, medieval games and activities, music and medieval dances, as well as a tour guide, a medieval castle). < br / > Logon to 27 July (tickets the Tourist Information Centre, the Castle Square and 9 Specimens of tickets in Paradise)
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2017.07.30 date events
Latvija LV

Baroque pearl string (Machine Translation)

Lāsma Meldere Šestakova – baroque violin
„Imanta” kokļu ensemble „turn”:
Eve Lapšāne – solo,
Kantoorgebouw La ResidenceCarol Cerbule – solo,
Kantoorgebouw La ResidenceCarol Bleikša – solo
Kantoorgebouw La ResidenceInez Rasa – bass,
Kantoorgebouw La ResidenceGita Anderson – solo
Kantoorgebouw La Residence.Concert „Baroka string of pearls” kokļu Ensemble „turn” and solistes lāsmas Melderes Šestakovas atskaņojumā is quite extraordinary project, because it combines Europeans so beloved and familiar Baroque music with the Latvian folk instruments - a lute. The concert will be able to hear both the well-known authors in the world – J.Pahelbela, A.Vivaldi, G.F.Telemana and A.Skarlati – Baroka pearls and less familiar music composer H.F.Bībera kompozīociju. Kokļu sidrabainais sound, mingling with baroque violin velvety timbre, and listeners will hear any music Baroka
world.Ensemble „turn” just celebrated its 35 anniversary. In the history of both pabūts and areas of the world and of different ages, different led composer and country music. The composition of the girls playing in more than 10 years and all had met, studying game kokles Latvian Academy of Music M.Vanagas class. Baroque pearls kokļu violin music and i generally already in a number of Latvian castles and manors. Does Lāsma Meldere-Šestakova studied baroque violin and ancient music interpretation in Amsterdam, as well as added knowledge, in cooperation with the various lielmeistariem world. Now her musical activity in Latvia with based on various music compositions, including kokļu ensemble “turn”
  (Machine Translation)

Also Dundagā festival « Royal ». Movie « Līvsalas boys » (1969)
Latvija LV

Also Dundagā festival « Royal ». Movie « Līvsalas boys » (1969)

Dundagas courtyard on the evening of July 30, 22.00 p.m., will be played in 1969   captured Dundagā Bear and Eric John Streiča movie « Līvsalas boys » < br / >. Dundadznieki who attended the film back in 1969, will share with their memories and stories about film and events.

Līvsalas boys


., Latvia, Riga studios < br / > Directors: Eric Bear, John Streičs

roles: Jason Bružiks, juris Plavins, Inese Petersone, Andris hop, Aivars Islam, Imants Lee, Caspar puce, Maris Smildziņš, John Peppa, the Venta Vecumniece, Harald Topsis, Imants Kokars, Gido Kokars, Harry Avens, Hermann Vazdiks, Tālivaldis Macijevskis, Robert Ceplītis, Velta Krūze, Peter Šogolovs, Uldis dumpis.

a small piece of land to

moves Martin Pūpols Daugava River estuary. His parents are dead, and care for the boy assumed his grandfather. Martin came on the first day of school with a pioneering scarf around his neck. It doesn't like Līvsalas « wolf », as his classmates call themselves wealthy saimniekdēli.

the first year of school

is also working on new Zemītis who wholeheartedly defend the Soviet power with opponents – the teacher and rich Lielaušu Rone, the landlord, whose home is a strange lietas.

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