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Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors
The unique heritage of the castles and estates preserves its values by revealing new and new evidence of self-awareness. Preserved and transferable to future generations as a potential for socio-economic growth


The challenge was not only to meet current requirements, but also those that would be in future projects, in whatever forms they would come.
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Astrological sign Char ’ n ’ out acoustic koncertprogramma „Tuvāk”
Group „Astro 'n' out” of the 15 anniversary of its drives. To celebrate the anniversary, prepared for a quite different program that combines the energy of the modern sound from the latest album „Urda” with quotes from 2008 issued in album „Astro 'Acoustic” moods. The concert started 19.00
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2017.10.30 date events
Latvija LV

The world famous fashion historian and collector Alexander Vasileva collections exhibition “19 century fashion”. (Machine Translation)

  From 12 May the Cesis Art Museum of History and
Fashion historian, collector Alexander   Vasileva exhibition is a big event and honour for any city, where it will be on display, but yet completely alien Cēsu exhibition that will make this world premiere would have, until now, the unexposed empire line maxi dress (19 .gs.sākums), the exhibition requires special circumstances. Thus, museum visitors will be given the opportunity to look at the unique, hitherto neeksponētus
copies.The collection will be a retrospective exhibition, showing 19. the different styles – from the deceased to the empire, and viktoriānisma jūgendstilam. The exhibition will be displayed 60 authentic historical clothes – men in suits, women's suits and dresses – and a 280 fashion accessories collection. The exhibition will be supplemented with historical information in three languages
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