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Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors
The unique heritage of the castles and estates preserves its values by revealing new and new evidence of self-awareness. Preserved and transferable to future generations as a potential for socio-economic growth


The challenge was not only to meet current requirements, but also those that would be in future projects, in whatever forms they would come.
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Astrological sign Char ’ n ’ out acoustic koncertprogramma „Tuvāk”
Group „Astro 'n' out” of the 15 anniversary of its drives. To celebrate the anniversary, prepared for a quite different program that combines the energy of the modern sound from the latest album „Urda” with quotes from 2008 issued in album „Astro 'Acoustic” moods. The concert started 19.00
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2018.01.13 date events
Latvija LV


Stories and conversations. The meeting with Ann and her Rancāni Latgale < br / > stories. Literature iedvesmoto story cycle and the second measure will take place on 13 January 15.00, when the interested parties have the opportunity to meet with the writer and poet ANNE RANCĀNI. Appointments negotiations it will interchange on Anne's writings in Latgale and Rāzna story, however. in preparation for an insight into the 2018 issue, as well as poetry collection guide business, which just received the special panel Latgale tourism conference without < br / > prize.  

Latvija LV

Cesis New Castle game afternoon exhibition “is exposed including..”

departed at the end of the year Cēsu Historical and Museum was opened a unique exhibition on the history of the Games “is exposed including..”. This year we do happy news – the exhibition support in Latvia and the world popular table game brand “Brain Games” that have caused highly awarded the game “Ice Cool”, which is recognised as World in 2017. best table game < br / > Each month, the entire time period of operation of the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with some long-forgotten, or on the contrary – well-known board game, to get to know the history of the World exhibition curator table games and play the game of “Brain Games” on table games < br / >. This Saturday, 13 January, at 14:00   all welcome to the first game of the afternoon exhibition, which this time will be devoted to Mankalas < br / > game. In: < br / >     “Strategic game “Mankala” or sowing game 3000 years ’:
  • an exhibition entitled The Story of
    maze games, especially on mankalas game – from its popularity to obscurity and regeneration in the Baltics. The exhibition will tell authors Carol Cepurīte, Talis < br / > plumule. Come and learn to play mankalu. If you have a game table, take it with you! Maybe you can make: from the fabric, of paperboard, drawing “containers”. Or you'll make on-the-spot < br / > Develop a strategy! – race mankalas game. For < br / > prize. Play board games together with
    “Brain Games”.
Participation in the afternoon: admission to the exhibition (2 EUR students, pensioners and Cēsu Friend card owners 3 EUR adults) < br / > To date the Cesis < br / > museum. * Mankala – One   of old, the types of games there. The oldest known games table is found in Egypt, carved in stone, which is more than 3000 years old. Playing Mankalas initially spread in Africa, where it is popular game still to this day. In the Middle Ages mankala spread through the Middle East and India 17 Dienvidāzijā. in played well in Europe, but the most popular it became in the Baltic States with the name “bean game”. The rest of the game is also called kalahu.

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